Torii Kotondo, Kamisuki (Combing Her Hair), 1929



↳ Bucky struggles with his memories and looks up on the internet what damage the Winter Soldier -he- has done.


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babe i dunno if you noticed but there’s been a dearth of fic for any fandom coming from my end lately (elementary’s not the problem! my writing & my frustration with it is the problem!)

  • MR & MRS SMITH AU. ALL THE MR & MRS SMITH AUS. they’re both master assassins! they’ve been married seven years! Sherlock started it to fund his cocaine habit & because Moriarty gave him the opportunity, in this AU where they had a scalding affair and then very nearly killed each other; Joan started it because after she killed a patient she started thinking, well. what’s another one. Sherlock kills people up close, with either a knife or a gun; Joan kills from afar, waits for hours on a rooftop with a rifle in her hands until her target comes to her; Sherlock is messy, bloody, leaves traces everywhere behind him; Joan is precise and absolute and leaves no evidence whatsoever. they come home and pretend to be regular people, until they start working the same target, at which point they promptly begin shooting each other in the face and fucking all over the place.
  • ~~fake marrieds~~ where Sherlock pretends (badly) to be a meek archeologist & Joan pretends (badly) to be his adoring wife on a cruise on the Nile. they solve three murders à la Agatha Christie, but not before they’re forced to share a cramped bed (with all the embarrassing moments that includes — her hair in his mouth and an awkward boner that one time) and making out against the engines’ room’s door to avoid being caught breaking in. every single cliché all up in there.
  • HDM!au: Sherlock’s daemon is a meerkat, sleek and inquisitive; Joan’s is a snake that coils about her shoulders, giving off warmth. the fourth time Sherlock ends up in hospital his daemon curls up in Joan’s lap unprompted — after that, Sherlock starts fleetingly touching hers whenever he helps her put on her coat.
  • Bletchley Circle fusion (which, by the way: watch this show. it’s only about seven episodes long, you’ll love it, watch it immediately.) in 1940s London Joan was a Bletchley Park codebreaker, who years after the war starts seeing a pattern in the traces of a serial killer — somewhere along the way she comes across the only dude who doesn’t dismiss her theories off the cuff and, instead, after she’s lain them out for him, looks at her the way people’re only supposed to look at each other in books. Sherlock was in trenches on the French front during the blitzkrieg and still has screaming nightmares; she has shrapnel lodged in her knee from a bombing during the London Blitz and her fingers keep twitching for a Lorenz machine. somewhere deep in them, they’ve never really stopped being at war. they knit code into jumpers, it’s awesome.
  • ACD-era au where their taking up digs together creates a scandal, which only wanes a little when Mrs Hudson lets it be known that they’re bunking on different floors of the house, and then flares up again when Sherlock starts dragging Joan to crime scenes. it gets worse when Joan turns out to be smarter than all of the municipal police combined. in this universe, Joan has been married a Martin Morstan for three years when Sherlock tumbles off the Grand Canyon, BECAUSE WHY NOT, and is newly widowed when he comes back, chilled and bruised and so alive he actually faints on her the second he takes off his disguise. they never marry, but when they’re old and living on a bee farm in the outskirts of Boston, at the edge of the Great War, they fall asleep by the fireplace with their rheumatic bones creaking and their hands held tight, and the way Sherlock carefully brushes her hair from her face hasn’t changed in over thirty years.



gimme a fandom and i’ll list 5 crossovers/AUs i wanna read for it

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Title: Gone, Gone, Gone
Artist: Phillip Phillips
Played: 7891 times

gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips


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